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The Rib and the engines types of our expedition

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

The combination of Seafighter’s economic hull with the extremely low consumption of Suzuki’s outboard engines will give us the maximum possible range, which is very important for the long passages we have to travel.

The Rib of our Expedition

It’s about Seafighter 36 C, which is produced by the company of Seafighter - Ribs. It is an inflatable boat of Hellenic design and production and with no doubt it is one of the best vessels in its class. It’s already been 10 years since Seafighter 36 Cabin first appeared in the market, immediately gaining a prominent position amongst the mega-ribs, mainly due to its aggressive sport line and its intense nautical character, greatly combined with a wonderfully designed cabin. It stands out for the excellent quality of construction and finishing, while the design of the cabin and its deck is perfectly adapted to our needs, offering high level ergonomics and functionality. It runs on a deep-V hull characterized by the presence of two ventilated steps and two spray rails per side, the upper of which runs all the length of the hull, while the 24 degrees of deadrise at the transom guarantee soft cruising.

The Engines of our Mission For this mission we chose the two Suzuki DF350A dual prop engines, considering that they will be ideally suited to our trip requirements. Beyond the undeniable reliability of Suzuki engines, the DF350A dual prop engines are sure to improve our boat's performance and handling by providing:

  • Shorter time to plane and lower-rpm planning ability

  • Greater acceleration

  • Much better bite on the water

  • Significant reduction of slip percentage resulting in higher cruising speed and better fuel economy

  • Elimination of the steering torque

  • Better control in reverse

The twin propellers, the high horsepower and the large gear ratio in this horsepower are an explosive combination of torque and thrust, making the DF350A the most powerful engine on the market, in its class. It is certain that the specific engines will find ideal application in our overloaded craft, while their extremely low consumption at low and medium rpm, derived mainly from the great stern lift of their propellers, will provide us with the necessary autonomy for the coverage of the long passages of our mission.

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