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Our mission live - 24h

During our mission there will be a 24-hour monitoring of our route. You will be able to see live, where we are with the boat at any time during our journey. Smart Boat will be by our side. With the SmartBoat system you can check in real-time the position of our boat with high-frequency updates that makes it almost live. 

How it works

The SmartBoat terminal device connects with GPS satellites and provides position coordinates. Also, collect data from connected sensors and send them to the SmartBoat server via GSM network. If the GSM network is not available, data is sent to the SmartBoat server via the iridium satellite system. After transmission completes from the SmartBoat terminal device, the data is stored to the SmartBoat Server database. Notifications and reports are generated automatically and sent to users.

SmartBoat is a customizable system. You can add sensors for total monitoring and control of your boat. SmartBoat generates a daily report with the routes of your boat or your fleet.

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