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Iceland: Sea Ice Approaching Icelandic Coast, Iceberg Spotted

Satellite tv for pc imagery exhibits sea ice a mere 14 nautical miles from the northwest Icelandic coast, based on a brand new put up from the Volcanology and Pure Hazard Group of the University of Iceland.

Sea ice 31.01.2022

As can be seen, there is a very narrow sea channel now between the northern edge of the Westfjords and the southern and eastern edge of this sea ice. Furthermore, it is entirely possible that there are icebergs floating around in this channel that are not visible by satellite imagery. Actually, an alert posted from NAVTEX on the Icelandic Met Office web page states that an iceberg some 1,000 metres lengthy and 500 metres broad has been noticed on this channel.

Video by the Icelandic Coast Guard

Climate circumstances on this space shall be windy, cloudy and wet at the moment, which means that ships traversing this channel can have their work minimize out for them, particularly in the event that they hope to keep away from icebergs. It’s not unusual for sea ice to get near Iceland, particularly within the northwestern channel. This has resulted within the Icelandic Coast Guard having to issue warnings for ships and boats touring within the space.


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