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Eurolife FFH Gold Sponsor of Ribbing for Arctic Mission

It is a great honor to have Eurolife FFH by our side, one of Greece's leading insurance companies. Throughout the years that it has been present in the Greek market, Eurolife FFH has been creating innovative, flexible products and services that have been changing the insurance industry in Greece. Driven by a successful multi-channel strategy, the company operates throughout the country through a wide sales network.

It has a leading presence in bancassurance, and has an extensive network of insurance intermediaries throughout Greece (over 1,000 independent insurance agents, brokers and coordinators nationwide). The company’s allies are its specialized insurance consultants who exclusively offer Eurolife FFH insurance products and services. Highly trained, they have state-of-the-art technology tools for designing comprehensive insurance solutions.

Throughout the years, Eurolife FFH has been reliably standing right by the people, protecting them and everything that surrounds them – what they have accomplished and what they wish to offer to their family, their company, their wider network. This is why it has invested in a Corporate Social Responsibility program, through which it aims at giving everyone a more optimistic perspective for his or her future. In its context, Eurolife FFH designs and implements a series of initiatives that assist people in improving their lives.

More about Eurolife FFH:

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